Centerline offers competitive advantages amongst others with our mold making expertise. Centerline has CNC 2D, 3D and CAD/CAM capabilities for in-house mold making, and fixture designing. 


We will work directly with engineering for products as early as pre-production prototypes, to the actual production line. Our experience expands from aerospace manufacturing – composite selection and hands-on work with the Boeing 787 & Gulfstream G650 aircrafts, to conformal coating on circuit board assemblies for military jobs that meet the required MIL-SPEC standard. 

Our experience expands to off-road & harsh environment oil field applications with a material selection from a large variety of potting/encapsulation/coatings. Projects include (but not limited to):

  • Engine controllers for industrial street sweepers, plow & salt trucks.
  • Silicone sealed vehicle electrical center modules for John Deere tractors
  • Door sensors for public transit buses.
  • Motor stators for the United States Navy Seals.
  • Assembly, encapsulation & Hipot testing for inline air/gas/hydraulic valves. During prototype testing, these valves successfully passed vigorous testing cycles including thermal shock, acid submission, and vibration testing.
  • Vacuum interrupter overmolding sub-contractor. Capable of producing a silicone (or other materials per request) overmold on high voltage electrical switches that range as low as 15kV to as high as 38kV. 

  •  Centerline has undergone several different testing procedures with primers to accommodate adhesion (if necessary) to potted/encapsulated electrical assemblies that have protruded PVC/PEX/XLPE wire jackets. Our experience with several different primers expands to several different markets and applications including:
    • Silicone to ceramic. 
    • Silicone to epoxy
    • EPDM Rubber to glass. 
    • And much more. 
  • Design & manufacturing of silicone gaskets that meet the capabilities for a tight seal on custom designed housings. These housings have passed the IP67 water-tight and vibration/shock resistant tests. 

Whether you come to us with a new product, or if you’re experiencing problems in the electrical or mechanical field of testing, or just simply having problems with potting overall – we will work with your company to find a solution.